Monday, July 28, 2008

Imaginations and Beginnings

I can think ahead very well when it comes to some things. For some reason I'm absolutely terrible at Chess, but in Go I can see entire games play out within a couple of moves. Unfortunately while thinking so far ahead, I often forget where I am and make simple mistakes.

I already mentioned that I have a pretty cool idea for a website. I've set up some things and have begun learning HTML all over again (wooohoo...). Instead of grasping the basics though, I keep thinking ahead about logistics of the site in micro format.

What if this happens?

What if that happens?

What should I do to respond?

Should I just bail out now?

In some ways this is good. I can see a lot of overall strategy being planned out. However, while doing this I begin to get stressed out when I see the enormity of it. Webs of thoughts grow upon each other and tangent off to even more complicated webs.

It's a bit overwhelming.

I remembered some advice about being a Dad to help me. When someone becomes a Dad and realizes the enormity of it, they being to think about the responsibility they now hold. They have to pay for the kid's school, food, lunch, shelter, college, cars, etc. They have to love the child unconditionally. They have to cut off certain parts of their life that couldn't fit into the family they now have to foster. A life, a child is in their hands and the pressure bears down on them.

Once they're at their breaking point, someone eventually tells them some old sage's advice:

"One day at a time. It's a lot of stuff but you’ll break it down into small steps and it’ll come together. Just take it one day at a time."

It helped me.

If you're curious, yes I did just compare a child's life to a website. I'm a terrible person.

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