Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something to Say

I rarely post or interject especially when it's a unfamiliar topic. I consider this a good quality in some respects. It has made me listen and learn more than if I just rambled like a jack ass. But as I've spent more and more time listening a question keeps bugging me: "When will I know enough to speak?"

I don't think there will ever be a time. For me to get anywhere I have to move, even if I don't have all the requirements. I will spout ignorance. I will say nothing (see first post). That being said, out of the rubble of crap, maybe I'll say something good. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

This might not be the best time to start. I might not have the perfectly required experience. But it's time for me to face the fact that I might never reach that point. It's time to start stumbling, willing to break my teeth on the ground to get moving forward.

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